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A to B magazine, November 2015

A to B issue 110

In the 110th edition of A to B:

The Trial: BMW i3 electric car
Tested: LED light bulbs
Public Transport: The Isle of Wight

Published November 2015


Issue 111 follows in February 2016

Two recollections from this issue we shall remember for a long time: taking off in the hovercraft at the start of our trip round the Isle of Wight by Brompton, and listening for the range-extender motor on the BMW i3 test car. Yes, we’ve been out and about in a BMW. Surely a first for A to B, or any alternative transport magazine come to that? But this is the amazing i3 electric car – loads of range, and with a little widget (actually a motorcycle engine) under the boot floor to recharge the battery if you miscalculate. This does finally look like an electric car that most people could live with, but no doubt you’ll let us know what you think…
Elsewhere Professor Pivot investigates the eco-credentials of digital versus print media, with some surprising results, and we revisit LED light bulbs.
Quite enough excitement for one issue.


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