Folding Bikes Over £500
Battery Charging, Tyre Rolling Resistance, Hydrogen Fuel Cells
iBoost Update
Plus: Letters, news and a selection of second hand bikes.
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Alternative Transport Reviews
Learn all you need to know about alternative transport using performance metrics collected from real world testing.  Our past reviews included: Folding bikes, electric bikes, electric scooters & motorbikes, bicycle trailers, bicycle accessories, and electric cars.
Technical Articles
Learn the technical aspects of alternative transport and renewable energy in simple terms, including: bicycle gear range, tyre design, brakes, electric bike efficiency, crank length, solar powered lights and solar powered transport, from our technical articles.
Travel Guides
Travel Guides
A to B regularly reports journeys you'd want to make. Read Judith and Neil Forsyth's guide to travelling in Europe with a bicycle, or shorter trips such as Poole Harbour .
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DIY TRaffic Calming
Anarchist’s Corner helps you do something effective
Electric Bike Hybrid Transmission Electric Bike Hybrid Transmission
How to combine electric & human power on a bicycle
A to B Classifieds
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Electric Bike Buyer's Guide Electric Bike Buyer's Guide
Our electric bike recommendations.
Folding Bikes
Our folding bike recommendations.
Electric Bike Buyer's Guide
UK prices and specifications.
Folding Bikes
UK prices and specifications.


Dorchester Cycle Map
A to B's FREE map for local cyclists.