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Rail is something of a speciality here at A to B. If you haven’t read David Henshaw’s book on the ‘Beeching’ closures of the 1960s, we highly recommend it, even though we’re the publisher! It makes fascinating reading, as does A to B’s sister magazine, Miniature Railway.

The Great Railway Conspiracy


Euromed_Vilanova rail serviceWe’ve always championed carrying folding bikes on the train, but for some years we’ve also kept this listing of rail restrictions relating to non-folding bikes, covering all the private rail franchises in the UK, and most of the preserved railways, heritage railways and main ferry operators too. Nearly all of the heritage railways carry bicycles, as do many narrow gauge and miniature railways, right down to 15-inch gauge. But restrictions and prices vary a great deal, so it’s worth checking before traveling.

Bikes by Rail?

Our ‘Bikes on Trains’ travel guide covers the carriage of bicycles – big or small – by train, with some bus and coach information too.
The Bike Europe pages broadly cover restrictions on carrying bikes on trains (and sometimes buses and ferries) in Europe – a huge subject. These pages were written for us in 2012 by Judith & Neil Forsythe, a British couple who publish excellent European cycling guides. The pages have been updated where possible since, but – as with the UK guides – if you have knowledge of recent changes, or local knowledge, please share it with us, because the guides are dependent on news and views from travellers. If anything sounds wrong, do get in touch at atob@atob.org.uk and we’ll post an update:

UK Bikes on Trains Restrictions
UK Bikes on Trains Travel Guide
UK Bikes on Tram, Ferry & Coach Restrictions

Bike/Europe Introduction
Bike/Europe Crossing Over
Bike/Europe Country Guides: