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Hub Gear Conversion

If you think about it, the quality of a child’s bike is really important. If a child grows up with a heavy, impractical bicycle, he or she starts life with the impression that bicycles are heavy impractical machines.The evidence from the current generation is that apart from dabbling with BMX, the vast majority stop riding […]

Puky Child Bikes

Bringing up a child focuses the mind in all sorts of surprising areas.Take children’s bicycles, for example. As an adult, you wouldn’t normally give them a second glance, but once with child, you’re obliged to buy the things. In the UK, bicycles designed for children vary from poor to atrocious, both in design and execution. […]

KMX Recumbent Trike

It’s a common grumble amongst cycle-minded parents that children’s machines are largely unfit for purpose. Childrens bicycles tend to be crude MTB or BMX-style machines, garishly painted with trick non-functional suspension and a total weight in the almost unliftable region. Sadly, the accent – as with most bicycle-related activities in the UK – is on […]