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Batribike Micro

ORIGINAL STORY FROM AUGUST 2010. The Batribike Micro later ceased production, but returned in early 2013 as the Eego Nohak1. The bike seems to have been substantially revised, but the weight and performance appear much the same. Price and availability are not yet clear Since electric bikes became widely available a decade or so ago, […]

Brompton Sparticle

ORIGINAL STORY FROM FEBRUARY 2009. The Sparticle has been considerably revised since. Finding a good motor kit to electrify the Brompton is a bit like the hunt for the Holy Grail. I was, no doubt, as excited as many other Brompton owners when the June 2007 A to B announced that the age-long search could […]

Nano Brompton

ORIGINAL STORY FROM JUNE 2007. The Nano-Brompton later ceased production, but returned in revised form in early 2012, with a different battery and repositioned electronics. Prices are very different to those quoted here! We’ve championed electric bikes since they first appeared, but somehow folding electric bikes have always proved a technological leap too far. Some […]

Dahon Roo EL

ORIGINAL ARTICLE FROM JUNE 2005. The Roo EL went out of production some years ago. Dahon has since tried other variants based on different power systems and bikes, but none has been very successful Folding electric bicycles are not everyone’s cup of tea, but where other crystal balls reveal recumbent bicycles, or perhaps four-wheel-drives, according […]

Panasonic WiLL

ORIGINAL ARTICLE FROM FEBRUARY 2005. The Panasonic Will has been out of production for some years. We’re often told that folding electric bicycles are the next big thing, but the technology always seems to be just around the corner, in a container on the high seas or being re-evaluated somewhere far away. In other words, […]

Honda Step-Compo

This article dates from June 2004, and the Step-Compo has long since disappeared. It was a brave effort by the Japanese – a lightish, stylish folding electric bike, but it was soon overwhelmed by cheaper Chinese tat Not everybody can see the point in owning one, but most people recognise that a folding electric bike […]

Ezee Quando

This article was first published in June 2004. Ezee has more or less gone out of business now, and big heavy electric folding bikes like this are very much a thing of the past We have to be honest; most electric folding bikes are horrible.Without being so cruel as to name names, we’d have to […]


This review was published in February 2004. The Bliss has long since disappeared, and electric bikes have changed a great deal. Interesting historical item though! Sooner or later, someone will produce a practical folding electric bike. Unfortunately, the Bliss isn’t it, but intriguingly, we think this dog’s-breakfast of a machine points the way to the […]