Folding bikes

Folding Bike Price Guide (UK)

Folding bikesThis page used to list all non-electric folding bikes. Keeping the list up-to-date became increasingly difficult, as brands exploded, and prices fluctuated wildly, both on and off the web. In May 2017, we decided reluctantly to drop the ‘Under £500’ table altogether and replace it with a ‘wish list’ to help you make your own judgement.

UK Folding Bike Under £500

Wish List:
Weight Under 12kg
Frame: Alloy
Gears: 3-spd Hub
Wheel size: 20-inch
Equipment: Rear rack, mudguards

A higher price is a very poor guide to quality, so look for the best spec at the cheap end before reluctantly opting to pay more. It is still feasible to get a decent bike for less than £200

Obviously go for the lightest bike you can find, but treat all manufacturers figures with caution. Very few distributors bother checking such things, so the quoted figure will usually be something jotted down on the back of an envelope by the Chinese manufacturer. Tipping point for weight is 12kg – anything genuinely under this weight is OK in this price range, while anything over will be hard for most people to carry far. Alloy frames are usually lighter than steel, but not always! A well designed steel bike will weigh less than a poorly designed alloy one.

Wheel Size
With the better quality, pricier bikes, 16-inch wheels are quite acceptable, but at this cheap end, go for 20-inch. Cheap smaller wheelers with slow tyres, poor geometry and excess weight need all the help they can get, and all things being equal, 20-inch tyres will roll better than 16-inch

The vast majority of these bikes are fitted with very cheap derailleur gears. These have a limited life, and cannot usually be repaired. As a rough guide, the more gears, the better the quality, so 6 is poor and 9 is good (with a front shifter, 18 gears is poor and 27 is good), but there are exceptions.
If you can’t afford a hub gear, a single speed can be very good for shorter journeys, and there’s less weight and nothing to go wrong. For more serious use, go for hub gears if you can find them.
Hub gears are a little heavier than derailleurs, but they last forever, need virtually no maintenance, and can be regeared to suit your personal preference. A 3-speed hub is much better than a cheap 6-speed derailleur, and if you can find a 5- or 7-speed hub in this price range (unlikely), you are in folder nirvana

Really, seriously, don’t think about it with a cheap bike. Cheap suspension won’t work well, and it will add a great deal of weight that you will have to lug around. You’ll regret it forever

All equipment adds weight, but makes the machine much more practical. A rear rack is a must, as are mudguards. Lights are lovely, but very rare on cheaper bikes

In the internet age, branding has ceased to have much meaning. At this cheaper end of the market, most bikes come from Vietnam or China, where countless brands are churned out in the same factory using the same crummy components. It makes sense to go with a High Street brand if you can, because you’ll get some back-up when it goes wrong, but don’t seriously expect the hip young dudes at Halfords to know any more about folding bikes than the kindly till-assistant at Tescos, so the actual brand doesn’t really matter


UK Folding Bike Over £500

Manufacturer & Model (1)
PRICE(3) Wheels Gears Gear(3) Frame & Weight Comment
Strida LT Circa £500 16″ 1 Alum 10kg Only seems to be available from Velorution of London or online from European shops.
Strida MAS Edition review
Tern Link D7i £500 20″ 7 Hub Alum 14kg Big discount from retail price
Montague X50 MTB £522 26″ 3×6 Der Alum 15kg
Junction 1707 Country
£529 20″ 7 Der Alum 12kg Badge-engineered Tern with derailleur
Junction 1707 City
£529 20″ 7 Hub Alum 14kg Badge-engineered Tern with 7-speed Nexus hub
Montagu Urban £540 28″ 7 Der Alum 12kg Halfords Price
Ridgeback Attaché £540 20″ 7 Hub Alum 12kg
Giant Halfway 2
£549 20″ 7 Der Alum 13kg Now quite an expensive bike
Dahon Mu Uno £560 20″ 1 Alum 10kg Very light, single speed and coaster brake
Dahon Speed P8 Fire £513 20″ 8 Der Alum 12kg Available at Fudges only in-store
Giant Halfway 2 City
£599 20″ 7 Der Alum 13kg
Dahon Curve D3 £599 16″ 3 Hub Alum 12kg
Strida SX £599 18″ 1 Alum 10kg Only seems to be available from Velorution of London or online from European shops.
Bickerton Docklands 1824 Country
£579 26″ 3×8 Der Alum 14kg Badge-engineered Tern
Tern Verge P9 £635 20″ 9 Der Alum 11kg
Mezzo d9 £725 16″ 9 Der Alum 12kg
Xootr Swift £749 16″ 8 Der Alum 11kg
Dahon Visc P18 £720 20″ 9 Der Alum 12kg Neos derailleur
Montagu Paratrooper MTB £720 26″ 3×8 Der Alum 13kg
Di Blasi R22 £736 20″ 7 Der Steel 13kg Heavy, but quite a practical folder
Dahon Mu P27 £740 20″ 3×9 Hub/Der Alum 13kg
Tern Eclipse P18 £765 20″ 2×9 Der Alum 13kg
Brompton M1E £770 16″ 1 Steel 10kg Cheapest Brompton variant
Montague Swissbike X50 £800 26″ 3×6 Der Alum 15kg
Mezzo D-9 Curve £799 16″ 9 Der Alum 12kg
Di Blasi R22S £836 20″ 7 Der Stainless 13kg Marine version of Italian folding bike
Bike Friday Tikit £850 16″ 8 Der Steel 13kg Heavily discounted at Cycle Sense, Tadcaster. Seems to be old/end-of-line stock. Great little bike
Mezzo D-10 £875 16″ 10 Der Alum 11kg Top-end Mezz
Montague Paratrooper Pro MTB £882 26″ 3×9 Der Alum 13kg Halfords Price
Brompton M3L £895 16″ 3 Hub Steel 12kg Representative price of popular variant
Brompton S2L £895 16″ 2 Der Steel 11kg Representative price of popular variant
Strida Evo £899 18″ 3 Hub Alum 13kg Only seems to be available from Velorution of London or online from European shops.
Birdy World Sport £999 18″ 8 Der Alum 12kg Entry level Birdy
Riese & Müller Frog £999 16″ 8 Hub Alum 12kg End of line discount
Dahon Speed Pro TT £950 20″ 3×7 D + H Alum 12kg BIG end of line discount
Pashley Moulton TSR2 £995 20″ 2 Hub Steel 13kg Separable frame
Airnimal Joey Sport £1149 24″ 8 Der Steel 11kg Entry-level Airnimal
Tern Verge X10 £1150 20″ 10 Der Alum 10kg More realistically priced
Montague Swissbike X70 £1200 26″ 3 x 10 Der Alum 12kg
Pacific IF Reach White £1200 20″ 18 Der Alum 12kg Fudges seem to be the only dealer
Birdy World Comfort £1289 18″ 7 Hub Alum ?kg NEW in 2014
Tern Verge S11i £1280 20″ 11 Der Alum 12kg Big discount
Bike Friday Pocket Llama £1299 20″ 8 Der Steel ?kg Discounted. Prices varying wildly
Airnimal Joey Explore £1299 24″ 27 Der Steel 13kg 507mm rims allow chunkier tyres. Explore Drop £200 extra
Birdy Light £1379 18″ 8 Der Alum 11kg New in 2014 and a popular model
Airnimal Joey Commute £1399 24″ 8 Der Steel 14kg 507mm rims allow chunkier tyres
Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe £1399 20″ 11 Der Steel ?kg Discounted… price and spec vary wildly
Brompton S2L-X £1465 16″ 2 Der Steel/Titanium 10kg Representative price of popular variant. Modest price increase
Brompton M3L-X £1465 16″ 3 Hub Steel/Titanium 11kg Representative price of popular variant. Modest price increase
Birdy City Premium £1499 18″ 8 Hub Alum 12kg  
Di Blasi R32 TRICYCLE £1540 20″ 5 Der Steel 22kg Heavy, and undergeared, but wow, what a folder!
Brompton P6R-X £1585 16″ 6 Hub/Der Steel/Titanium 12kg Representative price of popular variant. Modest price increase
Birdy Touring £1549 18″ 8 Der Alum 12kg
Bike Friday Express Tikit £1775 16″ 9 Der Steel 10kg Great Brompton-style bike, but now very expensive. See entry at £850 for cheaper bike
Birdy Speed £1889 18″ 9 Der Alum 10kg
Airnimal White Rhino £1899 24″ 8 Der Steel 14kg Big price increase
Pacific IF Mode £1900 26″ 2 Geared Crank Alum Innovative folder from Pacific, fitted with Schlumpf SpeedDrive
Airnimal Chameleon Performance Sport £1999 24″ 2×10 Der Steel 10kg
Birdy Speed Disc £2149 18″ 9 Der Alum 10kg
Airnimal Road Rhino £2199 20″ 3×9 Der Steel 12kg
Airnimal Chameleon Ultra £2349 24″ 20 Der Steel 10kg
Airnimal Joey Explore Elite £2499 24″ 14 Hub Steel 14spd Rohloff hub version. 507mm rims allow chunkier tyres.
Birdy Rohloff £2739 18″ 14 Hub Alum 12kg Top end Birdy – very expensive
Birdy Rohloff Disc £2999 18″ 14 Hub Alum 12kg Absurdly expensive
Airnimal Chameleon Ultima £3349 24″ 20 Der Steel 9kg Big Price Increase
Airnimal Black Rhino £3199 24″ 14 Hub Steel 14kg Rohloff 14spd hub model

Folding Bike Manufacturers or UK dealers/distributors

The comments relate to our own experience with manufacturers or local UK distributors where one exists. As a general rule, a company that supplies a good product will be open and helpful with the press, and give good service and back-up. The others are something of an unknown quantity, but if you think we’ve been unfair, do let us know…

Completely uncommunicative
Airnimal Designs Ltd, 61 Mulberry Close, CAMBRIDGE CB4 2AS (difficult to discover this!)
01954 782020
e-mail not given

Has never contacted us
01268 762616 (unable to verify this) (unable to verify this)

Never responds to emails
Larger Argos stores

AS Bikes
Only contacted us once, when they were starting out
Coppice Close, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, COVENTRY CV8 3FL
024 7630 3228

Has now been in touch
Kaitek Trading Ltd, c/o Sterling Power Products, Unit 8 Wassage Way, Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate, DROITWICH WR9 0NX
01905 778751

Bike Friday, Xootr
Always friendly and helpful
Avon Valley Cyclery, rear of Bath Train Station, BATH BA1 1SX
01225 442442
USA webform:

Birdy, Frog
Always friendly and helpful
Riese und Müller GmbH, Haasstraße 6, 64293 DARMSTADT, Germany
+49 6151 366860

Always friendly and helpful
Brompton Bicycle Ltd, Kew Bridge DC, Lionel Road South, BRENTFORD,Middlesex TW8 9QR
020 8232 8484

Buy Buy

Helpful, but rather grudgingly so
Moore Large & Co Ltd, Grampian Buildings, Sinfin Lane, DERBY, DE24 9GL
01332 274200

Claude Butler
No online sales facility
Claude Butler Ltd, Bridge Street, BRIGG, North Lincs DN20 8PB
01652 656000

Dahon – see Raleigh, below

Dahon (Spares & Advice)
Direct sales division of Cyclemotion, run by the ever-charming Mark Bickerton
World Wheels is licensed by Dahon Global through Cyclemotion as the official UK and EU Internet Reseller.
E-commerce and pre-delivery inspection for World Wheels are handled by:
CH White & Son, (Dept WW), 51 High Street, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9AG, United Kingdom
01233 731234

Badge-engineered Dahon models
35 Tameside Drive, Castle Bromwich, BIRMINGHAM B35 7AG
0121 748 8050

New to folding bikes, but interesting machines
Canada Water Retail Park, Surrey Quays Road, London SE16
020 7394 2000

Di Blasi
Helpful, but rather grudgingly so
Concept Edge Power Ltd, 12 Field Heath Road, HILLINGDON, Middlesex UB8 3NF
01895 850455

Fisher Outdoor Leisure, 8 Brick Knoll Park, Ashley Road, ST ALBANS AL1 5UG
tel: Fill in webform and ask to be telephoned back
email: Webform

Folding Bikes 4U
Appeared like a mushroom overnight, and seems to have gone just as rapidly

Helpful in the past, but currently playing the ‘remote multinational’
Giant UK Ltd, Charnwood Edge, Syston Road, COSSINGTON, Leics, LE7 4UZ
tel: 0844 245 9030

Fairly well known
Larger Halfords stores

Land Rover
Badge-engineered Dahon models
2×2 Worldwide, Unit 6, Hall End Business Park, Dordon, TAMWORTH, Staffs B78 1SX
01827 331099
mail webform:

Friendly and helpful
ATB Sales Ltd, Whitworth Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7PZ
01424 753566
(no contact information found on website

Mission Cycles
Always friendly and helpful
Mission Cycles & Components, Unit 3, The Alders, Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth, MAIDSTONE, Kent M18 5JG
01622 815678

Information from French export manager
UK: Cyclecentric Ltd, 7 Spring Lane, Bottisham, CAMBRIDGE CB25 9BL
01954 789284

Some confusion over who the ‘official’ distributor is
2X2 Worldwide, 27 Wellsbourne Road, WELLSBOURNE, Warwickshire CV35 9JB
01827 331099

Cool, but efficient; their website is one of the most uninformative encountered
Alex Moulton Bicycles, Holt Road, BRADFORD-ON-AVON, Wiltshire BA15 1AH
01225 865895

Seems to have exclusive UK distribution
Fudges, 564-566 Harrow Road, Paddington, LONDON W9 3QH
0208 969 5991

Pashley Moulton TSR
Totally uncommunicative in our experience
Pashley Cycles, Masons Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6NL
01789 292263

Probably doesn’t know A to B exists – Also an agent for Dahon
Raleigh UK Ltd, Church Street, Eastwood, NOTTINGHAM NG16 3HT
01773 532600

Primarily badge-engineered Dahon models
Madison Cycles PLC, Burnell House, 8 Stanmore Hill, STANMORE, Middlesex HA7 3BQ
020 8385 3385

Sea Sure Ltd, Clock Tower Works, Shore Road, Warsash, Hampshire SO31 9GQ
01489 885 401

Sinclair A-Bike
Gone quiet since we tested the A-bike
Mayhem UK Ltd, The Perfume Factory, 140 Wales Farm Road, LONDON W3 6UG
0870 766 8498

Bike Republic has taken on the excellent Velorution store
Bike Republic, 91-93 Great Portland Street, Marylebone, London W1W 7NX
0207 148 5572

New breakaway Dahon brand
F W Evans Cycles Ltd, Camino Park, James Watt Way, CRAWLEY, West Sussex RH10 9TZ
01580 755633 (shows as such on website)

Universal Cycles
Probably doesn’t know A to B exists
Festival Leisure Park, BASILDON, Essex SS14 3WB
01268 247007