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Folding Bike Price Guide (UK)

This page aims to list all non-electric folding bikes readily available from manufacturers, importers or dealers having a UK website which clearly states their UK address. The notes at the bottom of the page give information about the content and coverage of the information below. Please contact us with any errors / omissions / suggestions […]

Folding Bike Buyer’s Guide (UK)

This page ranks folding bikes available in the UK based on our reviews in A to B magazine, and each folding bike is judged by a star system. This can only provide a rough guide, particularly where one rating covers a range of different bikes. You’ll find the best folding bikes at the top of […]

Brompton Bicycle Book

The first edition was hugely popular with the legions of Brompton fans. The review below refers to the first edition, the second edition contains an extra 32 pages, with a whole new chapter on where Brompton may be heading in the future plus new coverage of early folding bikes in the U.S., more detail on […]

Why choose a folding bike?

From our magazine reviews we’ve seen folding bikes come a long way since the early days and you can now expect a bike that has virtually the same performance characteristics as a full-sized bike. From folding mountain bikes to super-compact bikes, there’s practically a folding bike to fit every need. Advantages of Owning a Folding […]

Commuting with the Brompton S2L

Most people would agree that if a significant proportion of car commuters were to stay at home, or commute by some other means, our transport problems would be largely solved. More easily said than done, of course. Our own delightful and multi-talented Teresa was headhunted by Bournemouth Borough Council a year or so ago, and […]

Strida MAS Edition

Leaf back through the A to B archives (on our web site at www.atob.org.uk) and you’ll see that we’ve come back again and again to the Strida. Designed by Royal College of Art graduate (and later lecturer) Mark Sanders, the Strida was produced from 1987-1992 at various sites in the UK, before moving to Portugal […]

Riese & Müller Frog

My word, we’ve been doing this a long time. Trawl back through the archives, and you’ll find a Frog test in October 2002, when Alexander’s Like-a-Bike was getting under the feet of security guards at the London Cycle Show. He’s now riding full-size bikes. Riese & Müller is a German company, set up by young […]

Dahon Curve SL

Readers may or may not be surprised to hear that Dr Hon thinks A to B has something of a Brompton bias.Fair comment? We tend to find that those who adore the Brompton are happy with our coverage,and those who don’t are either suspicious or grudgingly accepting.For years,Dahon UK,fronted by Mark (son of Harry) Bickerton […]

Bridgestone Moulton Custom Separable

Moulton is unique in the history of cycling.Dr Alex Moulton’s suspended small wheeler kick started the small wheel revolution,made cycling fashionable in ‘60s Britain,and over 40 years later,the basic concept is still in production. It’s the great survivor:built first by Dr Moulton after Raleigh refused to do a deal;then by Raleigh when they saw how […]

Mission Space Invader & Downtube IX FS

There was a time, not so long ago when you had to pay quite a lot for a light reliable practical folding bike. To be honest, little has changed, but the cheaper bikes have certainly improved. Some of the equipment may still be a bit dubious, but for £300 you can buy a Chinese bike that […]

Sinclair A-Bike v Mobiky Genius

For decades, engineers have poured time, effort and money (usually other people’s) into designing a better folding bike. The Brompton broke radically new ground in the early 1990s by combining excellent rideability with a compact package, and this combination has remained the gold standard ever since. Just for the record, a Brompton can be ridden […]

Dahon Mu SL v Brompton S2L-X

Why would anyone want to pay much, much more for a lightweight folding bike? We get asked this quite often by big burly types.There are two primary markets,the obvious one being smaller people looking for something light and easy to hoik up into a car boot for leisure rides.The other is much more interesting stuff,and […]

Brompton vs Birdy vs Bike Friday

Decisions, decisions, decisions… You know how it is, life’s treated you well, and you’ve settled on a Roller for best, and a Bentley for , you know, just pottering. But where do you find a matching folding bike? And what criteria do you use? Andrew Hague takes up the story, while Laila models the bikes… […]

Birdy 2006

‘It goes like the wind’: my initial somewhat subjective assessment of the new Birdy as I cycled across Westminster Bridge in London three days before Christmas last year. Would I feel as happy after the honeymoon period? The new Birdy was announced last September at various German cycling shows and a pre-production example was on […]

Airframe 8-speed

One wonders what goes on in the boardrooms of folding bike manufacturers. Are board members instructed never to mention the ‘B’ word? Or do they ritually stick pins in plasticine models of the Brentford Folder? The fact is – and we might as well get this over with – the Brompton is more or less unassailable in terms […]

Superlight Brompton

Big strong men sometimes ask us why we put such an emphasis on reducing the weight of folding bikes. If you have to ask the question, you really don’t need to know the answer.Taking weight out of a bicycle has little effect on performance, but a great deal of effect on the ease with which […]


After buying two Bromptons I found myself with rather a lot of bikes, and was able to compare their performance on my regular commute on the Atlantic coast of France. I live in Hennebont and commute through the town of Lorient to my office on an industrial estate ten kilometres to the west. My conclusions […]

Brompton Wide-Ratio Gears

Long-term readers may recall that the bankruptcy of hub gear manufacturer Sturmey Archer in the summer of 2000 left Brompton short of a suitable 5-speed hub. Other bike manufacturers migrated to the similar SRAM 5-speed, but the Brompton frame is unusually narrow, and it was not until May 2002 that the company came up with […]

Brompton P6R-XDL

Crikey. This is all beginning to sound a bit like the comedy sketch (one of several) where the innocent man goes into the shop and asks for a record player, and is mercilessly ribbed by the spotty youths behind the counter. Ask for a folding bicycle these days, and you’ll be laughed back onto the […]

The 2005 Brompton

Something has been up at Brompton for months. Little snippets of information have leaked out, but the dead giveaway was the report that a group of Russians had been spotted in the Brentford factory discussing strange grey metal objects. They obviously weren’t selling vodka, said our contact. The metal could only be titanium, and the […]