Electric Tricycle Price Guide (UK)

electric-tricycleLooking for an adult electric tricycle?
You’ve come to the right place. We like to to road-test an electric tricycle for the magazine before recommending it. But with so many available, our recommendations are sometimes based on spec and price, rather than experience.

Errors & Omissions: Please contact us if you see any errors or omissions. If you are a manufacturer or distributor, we can only list your products if you keep us informed. Remember, this page is used by thousands of potential customers.

Electric Tricycles and the Law

Electrically-assisted tricycles can be ridden by anyone aged 14 or over, provided the bicycle weighs 40kg or less (60kg for a tandem or tricycle), has pedals, a motor of less than 200 watts continuous output (250 watts for a tandem or tricycle), and a top speed of less than 15mph. However, the situation is currently a bit confused – see Legislation Update

Pedelecs are definitely legal (these only work when you pedal). Hybrid (switchable between pedelec and twistgrip throttle) or E-Bike (twistgrip only) are 100% legal if built before January 2016, and remained legal to buy from old stock after this date, so there are still a few about.

In practise, the police have plenty of bigger things to think about in these difficult times. There are thousands of older models in circulation and no easy way to judge the age, so our advice is don’t worry too much.

The Battery

The battery guarantee is the most important thing to look for, particularly with the bigger batteries, which can cost more than some of the cheaper bikes. Be wary of any odd stipulations, because there are many loopholes a manufacturer can use to refuse to honour a battery guarantee. Where the warranty is marked with a question mark, the manufacturer does not provide clear guidance, but you have certain statutory rights.

As a guide, a 24 month battery guarantee is now the norm, but unless the battery has actually failed, you’ll have problems measuring how weak it is, because voltage and capacity are imprecise things, so it’s often your word against the dealers. More expensive bikes have diagnostic plug-ins, proving battery condition, and lifetime usage. This should settle warranty disputes.

We used to list battery chemistry, but pretty well everything is Lithium-ion now. A shame, because the heavier lead-acid batteries suited tricycles quite well, and were VERY cheap to replace

Direct drive to tyre  
Front/Rear Hub:
Hub motor
Front/Rear Chain:
Separate chain drive
Crank Drive:
Crank-mounted motor
Transmission Drive:
Motor is situated somewhere between the pedal crank and wheels

The trikes we recommend are marked in

Electric Trike Prices (UK)

Make Model1 Control / Drive Battery Capacity Updated
UK Price4 Notes
Jorvik 24-inch Front Hub 374Wh Dec 17 £1090 Great value, stylish and well-equipped. Also 20″ and 26″
Batribike Trike 20 Front Hub 374Wh Dec 17 £1399 Good solid machine, and the 3-speed hub is a big plus
Mission Space Genie Front Hub 396Wh Dec 17 £1399 FOLDING. Fitted with Conv-E front hub motor. 20 or 24-inch
Mission E-Mission 24-inch Front Hub 374Wh Dec 17 £1400
Jorvik Folding 24inch Crank Drive 374Wh Dec 17 £1859 FOLDING. Not quite Di Blasi-size, but better than nothing. Also 20″ and 26″
Cargo Bike Co Tamar Cargo Trike Rear Hub 360Wh Dec 17 £1890 ‘Bakfiets’ layout doesn’t suit everyone and a big price increase
Powabyke Powatryke Cruiser 20″ or 24″ wheel Front Hub 324Wh Dec 17 £1499 Ultra-low step-thru might appeal
Di Blasi R34 20-inch Rear Chain Drive 204Wh Dec 17 £2680 FOLDING More or less unique
Maxpro EcoTaxi + EcoDrive Transmission Drive 528Wh Dec 17 £4200
HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs26 Gearless Rear Hub 558Wh Dec 17 c£5000 28mph and 500-watts – dead cool wheels, but illegal-ish for UK
Cycles Maximus Cargo Van or Media Trike + CM TractionDrive Ebike 864Wh La POA
Cycles Maximus Cab Trike + CM TractionDrive Ebike 864Wh La POA


Electric Trike Manufacturers or UK distributors

Some of these companies only stock  trikes occasionally, or have shown willingness in the past to adapt existing trikes. The comments relate to our own experience with manufacturers or distributors. As a general rule, a company that supplies a good product can afford to be open and helpful with the press, and will give good service and back-up. The others are something of an unknown quantity, but if you think we’ve been unfair, do let us know.
For a global list go to Electric Bike Manufacturers Worldwide

Just ebikes, Old Chapel Works, Valley Road, Leiston, Suffolk IP16 4AQ
tel: 01728 830 817
email: info@justebikes.co.uk

Boxer, Velo Electrique
Unit 12, 35 Willis Way, POOLE BH15 3SZ
tel: 01202 979 957
email: info@boxercycles.com

Cargo Bike Company
New to us, made in Derbyshire
52 Station Road, CHELLASTON, Derbyshire DE73 5SU
tel: 07903 175838
email: info@cargobike.co.uk

Cycles Maximus
Long-established, helpful and friendly
Unit 15, Dunkirk Business Park, Southwick, TROWBRIDGE, BA14 9L
tel: 01225 319414
email: info@cyclesmaximus.com

Di Blasi
Long-established traders
Mission Cycles & Components, Unit 3, The Alders, Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth, MAIDSTONE, Kent M18 5JG
tel: 01622 815615
email: info@missioncycles.co.uk

Not always easy to contact
E-go Personal Transport, 52 High Street, MARLBOROUGH, Wiltshire SN8 1HQ
tel: 07974 723996 or 01672 861186 / 512404
email: sales@electro-drive.co.uk

Very experienced shop in central London
Bikefix, 48 Lamb’s Conduit Street, LONDON WC1N 3LH
email: sales@bikefix.co.uk

New to us, but spot on the money product-wise
Jorvik Tricycles, Unit 6, Yorvale Business Park, Hazel Court, YORK YO10 3DR
tel: 01904 848988
email: info@jorviktricycles.com

Industry stalwart
Powabyke Ltd, 3 Wood Street, Queens Square, BATH BA1 2JQ
tel: 0845 6011475
email: sales@powabyke.com

Team Hybrid
Specialises in wheelchairs and hand-powered electrics
Team Hybrid, ‘Silverstone’, Chapel Road, SOBERTON HEATH, Hampshire SO32 3PP
tel: 01329 830117
email: silverstone@ntlworld.com

MTF Enterprises
No exclusive products, but a good contact for trikes
MTF Enterprises, PO Box 335, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 9DS
tel: 01892 515110

Electric Tricycle Battery Refurbishment

A few specialists exist, but not many that know electric bikes. We keep coming back to BatteryBay  of Cannock, West Midlands