Electric Bike Manufacturers Worldwide

ezee-sprint-7-speedElectric Bike Manufacturers Worldwide
Compiled by Richard Peace of Excellent Books, and co-author of Electric Bicycles

For a list of UK based electric bike distributors and manufacturers please refer to Section 6. of our UK Electric Bike Price Guide.



Electric Bike Manufacturers

Name Description Manufacture Design
8 Fun A Chinese Giant now with direct UK sales doing both kits and whole bikes China China China-China
Aerobic Cruiser A range of semi-recumbent machines from a firm in Memphis, US.
AGOGS Czech-based company with Chinese made hub motor machines, selling in
central and western Europe. Bikes are based on well-known Bafang motor
systems. AGOGS also act as resellers of Protanium bikes.
China China China-China
Akkurad Manufacturer of electric-assist velo mobiles and add-on kits.
Ansmann Maker of batteries, drive systems and retrofit kits.
Antec Hub-motor pedelecs. China Netherlands China-Netherlands
Anthrotech Recumbent tricycle manufacturer with electric-assist option.
AS Bikes Budget folders. China China China-China
Ave German-made city-styled pedelecs. Taiwan Germany Taiwan-Germany
Avon Mainly moped style electric bikes and scooters serving the Indian market.
Azor Hub motor systems fitted to classic Dutch style Omafiets or ‘granny bikes’
Babboe Dutch cargo bikes in the ‘bakfiets’ style.
Bangkok Cycle Industrial Co Ltd
Batavus Dutch style city bikes – part of the Accell group, so extremely similar in style to Sparta. Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands-Netherlands
Batribikes Range of hub motor bikes. China China China-China
Bauer Hub-motor pedelecs plus Bosch crank motor options Multiple Germany Multiple-Germany
Bear Print Chinese hub motor machines with a 2 year battery guarantee.
Beat Bikes Chinese made mini-folding bikes China China China China
Benelli Unusually have opted for a single road race design with rear hub motor
Bergamont German based company producing Bosch and Shimano powered machines Various
BESV Stylish high end city bikes from Taiwanese manufacturer Darfon
BigFish Folder with the Japanese Sunstar kit added. Multiple Italy Multiple - Italy
Binbike Belgian-based manufacturer of crystalyte hub-motored town bikes. China Belgium China-Belgium
Bottechia Chinese style pedelecs.
Bridgestone High quality Japanese pedelecs. Japan Japan Japan-Japan
Bronx Reasonably priced, lightweight UK bikes. Taiwan United Kingdom Taiwan-United Kingdom
Byocycles Range of hub motor bikes. China China China-China
Cleanairbike A highly unusual fuel-cell powered cargo bike.
Claud Butler Hub motor style bikes from a longstanding UK manufacturer. China United Kingdom China-UK
COBOC Sleek German single speed design Germany
Corratec German designed pedelec with Bosch and Shimano crank drive motors Germany / Japan Germany Japan-Germany
Cube High tech models featuring wireless technology. Storck hub motor technology used under license.
Cutting Edge China China China-China
Cycles Maximus Powered tricycles for heavy duty business style use. Redesigned for 2013. United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom-United Kingdom
Cytronex Using their own bespoke electrics with the excellent Tongxin friction hub motor, these are some of raciest, lightest bikes around. China United Kingdom China-United Kingdom
Dahon The folding Dahon Boost uses a Sunstar pedelec system. China China China-China
Dawes Budget models from a UK company that outsources manufacture to the Far East.
Diamant Bionx and Bosch based bikes
Di Blasi Electric folding trike! Italy Italy Italy-Italy
Dillenger Australian company selling budget eastern made direct into the UK.
DK City ExPro Taiwanese hub motor machines. Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan-Taiwan
Drag Bicycles East European company with a couple of Sanyo hub motor powered models
Dreirad German designer and maker of taxi-tricycles, with power assist options Germany Germany Germany-Germany
Dutch ID Quality urban and touring crank drives Taiwan
Easybike Machines with Chinese hub motors, designed and finished in Holland China Netherlands China-Netherlands
EcoBike Spanish retailers of Asian made bikes.
Ecolo Cycle A range of Asian made machines aimed at the Canadian market.
Eden Bikes Nice simple looking bikes from Taiwan with a Dutch feel
Eflow Powerful town bikes from Furth, Germany
E-motion Panasonic pedelec system Japan Spain Japan-Spain
Estelle A range of city, touring and trekking bikes fitted with high-quality Heinzmann hub motors and also ‘specials’ such as the unique Smike with detachable sidecar. Germany Germany Germany-Germany
Everest Bikes Chinese hub motor machines
Ezee High quality, powerful hub motor bikes. Add on kit available too. UK distributor Cycle Ezee
EZ pedaler US-branded Chinese hub motor machines. China China China-China
Focus Bikes Small range of Kalkhoff and Bosch powered bikes Multiple Germany Multiple-Germany
Freego UK branded Chinese hub motor machines China China China-China
FST Hub motor design and manufacture. China Japan China-Japan
Gazelle High quality Dutch bikes. Hub and crank drives. Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands-Netherlands
Geobyev Chinese hub motor machines China China China-China
Gepida Hungarian makers using Bosch technology plus their own design. Multiple Hungary Multiple - Hungary
Giant Twist range of pedelecs with hub motors China Taiwan China-Taiwan
Gitane French take on the Panasonic crank drive. Japan France Japan-France
GoCycle Stylish, unique British design. Demountable, with magnesium frame.
Goericke Pedelecs with hub motors and Bosch crank motors
Grace High end, made to order germanic ‘superbikes’
Greens Pedelecs with Bosch motors.
Greenspark Italian branded Chinese style machines
Gruber Assist Innovative electric drive housed in frame, powering through the bottom bracket.
Haibikes Bosch motor with high quality components. Trekking and mountain bike models. Germany Germany Germany-Germany
Harbin Dutch branded Chinese style bikes
Hase Protanium kit fitted to unusual tandem recumbent. Germany China Germany-China
Hebb Hub motor machines.
Heisenberg Range of crank powered bikes from German based company Various Germany
Helkama Finnish-made pedelecs using the outstanding Panasonic crank drive system. Japan Finland Japan-Finland
Hercules A range of hub motor pedelecs, including a folder. China Germany China-Germany
Hero Eco Umbrella company from India where it makes electric scooters. Includes Fast4ward, A2B and Ultramotor electric bikes
Herskind & Herskind Classic city bikes with a designer’s touch. Multiple Denmark Multiple-Denmark
Honda Single speed lead acid model now in the UK Japan Japan Japan-Japan
Hongdu Heavy looking Chinese style machines from a former military aircraft manufacturer.
HPVelotechnik Recumbent makers offering models ready fitted with BionX systems. Canada Germany Canada-Germany
Italwin Range of hub motor machines, some with lead-acid batteries and some Ducati-branded electric bikes too.
IZIP Large US manufacturer with a huge range China United States China-USA
Italwin Italian branded Chinese style machines
IUVO Taiwanese hub motor specialist and maker of the Mobiky folding electric bike
Jewel Chinese hub motor machines China China China-China
JD / TranzX Maker of complete electric bikes as well as various parts used by other firms. Automatic gear changing system for electric bikes sold as OEM. Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan-Taiwan
Johnny Loco Fashion conscious Dutch bikes with pedelec options. Includes cargobike option. Netherlands Japan Netherlands-Japan
Juicy Bike Well priced bikes of reasonable quality China China China-China
Leisger Chinese hub motor machines. China China China-China
Lvneng Chinese moped style machines China China China-China
Kalkhoff Superb range of pedelecs with Panasonic and Daum technology Japan Germany Japan-Germany
Kettler Panasonic and Bosch crank drive pedelecs Japan Germany Japan-Germany
Klever Subsidiary of Taiwanese scooter manufacter, with own entire brand system and design, based in Germany Taiwan / Germany
Kreidler Mainly Bosch powered pedelecs
Koga Miyata High quality pedelecs with hub motors and Bosch crank drives. Dutch city bike style.
Kona A range of well-priced hub motor bikes, including a
transport bike
Kranium Hub motor machines with frame concealed batteries
Kudos ‘Budget’ bikes sold in the UK with reasonable battery prices.
KTM Swiss manufacturers offering a large mix of styles and high quality motor systems. Germany, Japan
L.A. Thai company with distinctive semi-recumbent design and passenger seat on rear rack.
Lightfoot Cycles Recumbents and cargo bikes with the option of a chain drive or BionX hub motor assist.
Luther & Luther Cargotrike and rickshaw specialist.
M55-Bike Bike with impressive video For super-rich jetsetters.
Mando Footloose Highly unusual chainless series hybrid from South Korea South Korea
Matra French take on the BionX system Multiple France Multiple-France
Ming Giant pedelec clones
Miyata Quality Japanese pedelecs Japan Japan Japan-Japan
Momentum UK based company and designers of a great value, impressive quality pair of pedelecs China United Kingdom China-United Kingdom
Mondraker Austrian MTB specialist
Montego Dutch company producing pedelec hub motors The Netherlands
Monty Spanish company with a large number or rear hub-motored bikes, often folders plus an electric tricycle kit.
Moskino Specialists in international box shifting. The Electric Bike Co. (UK) China China China-China
Motorino Interesting looking 1960s retro design with coaster brake.
Nihola Well-known and respectedc Danish cargo bikes – BionX powered option available
Ohm Cycles Canadian designed BionX bikes Multiple Canada Multiple-Canada
Optibike Very powerful and very expensive bikes from the US. United States United States USA-USA
Orbea Pedelec using Gazelle Innergy technology Multiple Netherlands Multiple-Netherlands
Ovo French manufacturers of hub motor machines China France China-France
Oxygen Chinese style hub motor machines China China China-China
Pacific Cycles Folding electric pedelec.
Panther Pedelecs using Panterra, Bosch and TranzX systems
Part mobil High quality chair style bikes with Heinzmann motors for those with limited mobility Germany Germany Germany-Germany
Patria BionX powered bikes Multiple Germany Multiple-Germany
Pedego Beach cruiser style hub motor machines China United States China-USA
Peugeot French auto style bought to ebikes Multiple France
Pfiff German company specialising in bikes for special needs
PG Bikes German company offering hugely fast, powerful and expensive bikes
PiCycle Unique US design of hub motor bike.
Pihsiang Taiwanese based company producing relatively lightweight electric bikes.
Polaris US company inspired by power sports
Porterbike Bikes with carrying capacity within the frame fitted with a BionX kit. Canada Germany Canada-Germany
Powabyke Long-established UK firm of well-priced machines China United Kingdom China-United Kingdom
Powacycle Powabyke’s main rival for budget-priced UK bikes China United Kingdom China-United Kingdom
Prodeco US based hub motor bikes and kits. Two year battery guarantee and very competitively priced. US
Promovec Danish pedelecs with hub motors Denmark Taiwan Denmark-Taiwan
Protanium Hub and crank motor pedelec bikes and kits
Puch Austrian hub motor bikes Japan Austria Japan-Austria
QWIC Dutch brand featuring hub and MPF crank motors Multiple Netherlands
Radkutsche German cargo bike specialist Multiple Germany
Raleigh Panasonic crank drive pedelecs and a newer range of hub motor machines. Japan Germany Japan-Germany
Reef Australian-based company selling China made machines and importing a small selection of higher end bikes. China China China-China
Reise & Muller A range of very distinctively designed bikes including several electric options, including BionX, Bosch and TranzX. Germany Germany Germany-Germany
Rixe Another range featuring Panasonic technology. Like Kalkhoff and Raleigh, Rixe are part of the giant Derby cycle group, and all have similar offerings. Japan Germany Japan-Germany
Rose Bikes German based producer of pedelecs
Rotwild e-MTBS from Germany using the German Brose motor
Sachs A good range of styles of hub motored bikes. Taiwan Germany Taiwan-Germany
Samhyun Hub motor kit manufacturers from South Korea who also manufacture electric motors for cars.
Sanyo Developers of the Eneloop bike with regenerative power. Japan Japan Japan-Japan
Schachner Austrian hub motor bikes with kit option.
Scott US firm using Bosch and Shimano systems
Seven Star Chinese hub motor machines China China China-China
Sinner Recumbent trike with hub motor.
Smike Highly unusual side car option with Heinzmann hub motor. Germany Switzerland Germany-Switzerland
Sparta Quality Dutch city bikes. Pedelecs with hub motors and the Bosch crank drive Taiwan Switzerland Taiwan-Switzerland
Spencer Ivy German Panasonic drive machines with a peculiarly British marketing slant and a practical looking spec including rack with child seat mount. Germany Japan Germany-Japan
Storck Trekking style bikes with their own design of hub motor and now a Bosch crank drive option. Germany Germany Germany-Germany
Stealth Electric Bikes Hugely powerful MTBs from Australia.
Stromer High quality Swiss design with direct drive motor and frame-housed removable battery.
Swiss Flyer High quality Swiss bikes with Panasonic crank drive. Includes tandems, a folder and a full suspension model. Also a 2013 model with the new Panasonic hub motor. Japan Switzerland Japan-Switzerland
TDR A very interesting design of crank drive pedelec with a specially enlarged seat tube. Netherlands
TDS Swiss manufacturer of their own design pedelec, available 2011. Multiple Switzerland Multiple-Switzerland
Third Element Hugely powerful mountain bike pedelec
Thompsons Extremely well-priced hub motor bikes. China China China-China
Tonaro Budget crank drive models fitted to standard-spec budget bicycles. China China China-China
Tout Terrain German manufacturer of rugged city and touring bikes using GoSwissDrive gearless motor and Pinion bottom bracket gearing.
Trek Joint venture with BionX
Twinburst  French company pioneering two-wheel drive transmission with motors in both wheels.
Urban Mover Mid-priced hub motor machines with strong UK presence China United Kingdom China-United Kingdom
Velocab Rickshaws and cargo bikes with 250w electric assist option.
Velocity Unique belt drive system designed for speed
Velo de Ville German manufacturers whose range includes a hub motor pedelec plus a Bosch drive model
Velomini Electric folding bikes with batteries in the frame
Velonom Longtail style cargobikes with e-power options Multiple Germany Multiple-Germany
Velorbis High quality, built to order Danish bikes Multiple Germany Multiple-Germany
Victoria A wide range of hub and crank drive bikes. Japan Germany Japan-Germany
Viking China China China-China
Visiobike Croatian based digital tech loaded bikes using a variety of crank drives
Volt UK based company that started with hub motor machines but have headed upmarket with their own Shimano crank motor model  China / Japan
Voltitude Folding electric bike with Swiss army knife style branding! In the early stages of development as at 2011.
Vital Bikes Hub and crank drive bikes.
Wallerang Swedish firm making Shimano Steps powered bike
Wattworld A range of reasonably priced hub motor bikes.
Wayel Shaft drive electric bikes from Italy.
Wheeler Large eurpopean based manufacturer using largely BionX
Wilier Trestina Italian brand using TDCM hub motor and Shimano crank motor Japan / Taiwan
Winora Hub motors bikes using various third party systems, including TranzX, Schacener and Protanium/Tongxin. Multiple Germany Multiple-Germany
Wisper Hub motor machines China UK China-UK
Woosh Budget machines from the Far East.
X-Streme Scooters 90 days warranty and rock bottom quality
Yamaha Yamaha’s own models fitted with their own PAS pedelec system Japan Japan Japan-Japan
YouMo Swiss cruiser design with gearless GoSwissDrive hub Switzerland & ?

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Manufacturers

Name Description Manufacture Design
8 Fun A Chinese Giant now with direct UK sales doing both kits and whole bikes China China China-China
Ansmann Maker of batteries, drive systems and retrofit kits.
BionX Sophisticated hub kit with regenerative power. China Canada China-Canada
Clean Republic Easy install hub kits China United States China-USA
Conv-e British wheelbuilding, battery case and cables, Chinese motor, twistgrip, battery cells and BMS circuit China United Kingdom China-UK
Crystalyte Long established Chinese manufacturer of powerful hub kits China China China-China
Currie Electro-Drive Powerful kit that drives through the rear hub and spokes from US manufacturers IZIP
Cyclone Variety of mainly crank-drive style kits.  Cyclone USA
DB Revo Motor, controller and battery all in one wheel, controlled wirelessly. Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan-Taiwan
Dillenger Australian company selling budget eastern made direct into the UK.
EclipsEbikes Unusual belt drive kits
E-BikeKit US spec hub kits China United States China-USA
Ecospeed US kit that drives through the chain Multiple United States Multiple-US
EGO Hugely powerful kits that claim to fit 70% of mountain bikes. Designed for getting you to the top of a mountain for you to hurtle back down…
Eplus Hub-housed motors and batteries. Successor to Wavecrest / Tidalforce. May have ceased
E power mobility Chinese style hub motor kits
Ezee Hub motor kits China China China-China
Falco Lightweight hub motors rated in 250w and 1000w versions China China China-China
Golden Motor Front and rear wheel hub kits.  Alien Ocean (UK) China China China-China
Greentrans Hub motor kit with torque sensor Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan-Taiwan
Gruber Assist Unique motor that hides in the downtube and drives through the bottom bracket.  Electric Goat Bikes (UK)
Heinzmann German made kits of outstanding quality Germany Germany Germany-Germany
Monty Spanish company with a large number or rear hub-motored bikes, often folders plus an electric tricycle kit.
Protanium Hub motor pedelec bikes and kits
Ridekick Electric trailer designed to push your non-electric bike along. US US US-US
Sunstar High quality crank drive kit.  UK distributors are Sparticle Japan Japan Japan-Japan
Tongxin Excellent friction drive hub motor – the narrow version is the most common motor fitted to Bromptons. Freedom eBikes (UK)  Electric Wheel (UK) China China China-China

Electric Special Needs Bike Manufacturers

Name Description Manufacture Design
Justwin Single and dual seater electric trikes Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan-Taiwan
Team Hybrid Specialise in fitting Heinzmann kits to handcycles