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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

sunstar electric bike kit Electric Bike Conversion KitsIf you’re intending to electrify a favourite bike, an electric bike conversion kit might be the answer for you. Electric bike conversion kits usually include a replacement front wheel fitted with a motorised hub. They are available from a wide range of manufacturers at a wide range of prices, from a few hundred pounds to well over £1,000. Kits vary in quality a great deal too. The cheapest tend to be unbranded Chinese or Indian products… OK for leisure use, but with limited warranties and back-up, so don’t expect to use this sort of thing for daily commuting! More expensive electric bike kits are usually kit versions of proprietary electric bikes sold by manufacturers such as Heinzmann, Ezee and BionX.


  • Some electric conversion kit prices include fitting, others do not.
  • Most electric bike kits are supplied with UK-legal 250 watt motors, but many use motors of 500 watts, and a few are rated as high as 1000 watts. Remember that these powerful high-speed conversion kits are not legal in the UK and the fact that you are riding a machine powered by an electric bike conversion kit will make no difference in the eyes of the law!
  • And as always, watch the battery guarantee. The cost of running the conversion will depend on battery life… nothing else. A long guarantee gives you some confidence. Cheaper kits can conk out in months.

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Make / Model1 Last A-to-B Test Control / Drive Battery
Battery Size3 Battery UK Price4 Notes
Woosh 8FUN - Hybrid / Front or Rear Hub 12 months 540Wh Li-ion £499 Why pay more?
Juicy Bikes - Hybrid / Front Hub 12 months 360Wh Li-ion £495 -
Smart-Pie Dec 12 E-bike / Front Hub ? ???Wh Li-ion £??? There seems to be no UK distributor in late 2014
Magic-Pie - E-bike / Front Hub ? ???Wh Li-ion £??? There seems to be no UK distributor in late 2014
Saddle Soar - Hybrid / Front Hub 12 months 360Wh Li-ion £695 -
Conv-E Oct 11 E-bike / Front Hub ? 324Wh Li-ion £699 -
Nano-Brompton 2.1 May 08 E-bike / Front Hub 12 months 180Wh Li-ion £780 Light, quiet and discreet
360Wh battery £100 extra
Ansmann Type A - Pedelec / Front Hub 36 months 324Wh Li-ion £799 Superb guarantee. Option of 418Wh battery for £899
Sparticle V.5 - E-Bike / Front Hub 12 months 390Wh Li-ion £800 Much improved
Brompton Sparticle Nov 08 E-bike/ Front Hub  12 months 390Wh Li-ion £930 Much improved
Ezee - Hybrid / Front or Rear Hub  24 months
(activated when capacity falls by 30%)
360Wh Li-ion £895
Sunstar I-Bike SO3 May 08 Pedelec / Crank 24 months 90Wh Li-ion £1,070 Bigger 396Wh battery for extra £499
Heinzmann - Pedelec / Gearless Front or Rear Hub 24 months 302Wh Li-ion £1160 Regenerative braking. Bigger batteries and more power motors available
Falco - Pedelec / Rear Hub 313Wh Li-ion £1,355
Heinzmann - Pedelec / Front Hub 384Wh Li-ion £1,570 Also rear wheel option
BionX SL250 DL - Pedelec / Rear Hub 317Wh Li-ion £1,600 -
Ansmann Type C - Pedelec / Gearless Rear Motor 36 months 314Wh Li-ion £1699 Superb guarantee, regenerative braking and wireless control
BionX SL250 RL (rack-mounted battery) - Pedelec / Rear Hub 317Wh Li-ion £1,700 -
BionX SL250 DX - Pedelec / Rear Hub 423Wh Li-ion £1,900 -
BionX SL250 RX - Pedelec / Rear Hub 317Wh Li-ion £2,000 -
Heinzmann - Pedelec / Front Hub 710Wh Li-ion £2,090 Also rear wheel option

New subscribers can order a ‘get-started’ six-pack of magazine back numbers covering key electric cycles at HALF the usual price! See the subscription page for details.

All back numbers can be ordered by credit card – call 01305 259998 (+44 1305 259998 outside UK)

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Manufacturers or UK Distributors

The comments relate to our own experience with manufacturers or distributors. As a general rule, a company that supplies a good product can afford to be open and helpful with the press, and will give good service and back-up. The others are something of an unknown quantity, but if you think we’ve been unfair, do let us know. For a global list go to Electric Bike Manufacturers Worldwide

Alien Ocean
AlienOcean European Hub, 1 – 9 Plantation Street, Lochgelly, KY5 9LP
tel: 01592 780528
email: jim@alienocean.co.uk

New distributor, steadily rebuilding trust in the BionX
email: bionxuk@gmail.com

Cambridge, Smarta, Sparticle (Brompton), Sunstar
Now well established and a pleasure to deal with
Electric Transport Shop, Hope Street Yard, Hope Street, CAMBRIDGE CB1 3NA (also in LONDON & OXFORD)
tel/fax: 01223 247410
email: sales@electricbikesales.co.uk

New British company
email: sales@conv-e.com

Not always easy to contact
E-go Personal Transport, 52 High Street, MARLBOROUGH, Wiltshire SN8 1HQ
tel: 07974 723996 or 01672 861186 / 512404
email: sales@electro-drive.co.uk

Ezee, Ansmann
New Ezee distributor from 2012
Cyclezee Ltd, 3 Guest Gardens, MILTON KEYNES MK13 0AF
tel: 07962 407799
email: john@cyclezee.com

Freedom Ebike
Very nice people, quite new to electric bikes
10/3 HaMelitz Street, JERUSALEM, Israel
tel: (UK) 0871 284 5225
tel: (Israel) +052 500 1309
tel: (Australia) +02 8004 5039
email: andrew@freedomebikes.com

Whatever the official position, Kinetics appears to once again be the de facto UK outlet for Heinzmann
54 Switchback Road, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 1AE, UK
tel: 0141 942 2552
email: mail@kinetics-online.co.u

Juicy Bikes
Now well established. Helpful and knowledgeable
Busy All Year, 83 Park Road, BUXTON, Derbyshire SK17 6SM
tel: 01298 214040
email: uksales@JuicyBike.com

Nano & Nano-Brompton
Well established and consumer-friendly
The Electric Wheel Co, Unit 18, Manningford Bohune Estate, PEWSEY, Wiltshire SN9 6NL
tel: 0845 094 2735
email: info@electricwheel.co.uk

Diavelo, Euro-Ebike, Zap
More serious player of late, but hard to pin down
PowerScoots, Unit 5F, Wilmer Business Park, Wilmer Place, Stoke Newington, LONDON, N16 OLW
tel: 020 7254 9225
email: sales@powerscoots.co.uk

Fairly helpful and friendly
March Motorcycle Spares Ltd, 3 Nene Parade, MARCH PE15 8TD
tel: 01354 656150
email: spies@talk21.com

Saddle Soar
New to us, but the kits seem to be winning friends
Saddle Soar, Annexe to Hanger One, Car Park 16, Blue Zone, Shoreham Airport, SHOREHAM-on-SEA, Sussex BN43 5FF
tel: 07957 887826 or 01903 816173
email: enquiries.onyourelectricbike@gmail.com

Smart-Pie, Magic-Pie
Unknown to us, and a bit thin on contact details
Golden Motor Electrobikes

Sunstar I-Bike
Braking Sunstar – UK OFFICE, 89 Warwick Rd, Leek Wootton, Warwickshire, CV35 7QR.
tel: 01926 863 163
email: rob.jone@uk.sunstar.com


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