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Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide 2015 (UK)

Electric Bike Top 10 *****  Kalkhoff *****  Nano Brompton 2.1 *****  Momentum *****  Cytronex *****  Ezee *****  Heinzmann *****  Sparta *****  Gocycle G2 *****  Giant *****  Woosh & Kudos This list is not exhaustive, covering only the electric bikes we have actually tested in the magazine. Not all electric bikes are listed here, and if […]

Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide 2015 (UK)

Electric Bike Price Guide (UK)

We prefer to road-test electric bikes for the magazine before recommending them, but with so many now available, our recommendations are often based on spec and price, rather than actual experience. Consult our Electric Bikes Buyer’s Guide for reviews of the top five electric bikes. Errors & Omissions: Please contact us if you see any […]

Momentum Model T and Upstart

Momentum Model T and Upstart

If we were going to specify a Chinese bike ourselves, we’d go for a light responsive frame with a reason- able size battery mounted low down in the middle of it, a light, efficient motor in the front wheel, a two- or three-speed hub in the back wheel, and very little else. A few months […]

Electric Bike Technical Guide

Professor Pivot answers your electric bike technical questions… What is VOLTAGE and which Voltage is best? Voltage can be thought of as the pressure or strength of electric power. All things being equal (see AMPS below), the higher the voltage the better, because high voltages pass more efficiently through wires and motors. Very high voltages […]

Electric Bike Manufacturers Worldwide

This is a global list of electric bike manufacturers. This list is as accurate as we can make it, but if you spot any errors or omissions please let us know. For a list of UK based electric bike distributors and manufacturers please refer to Section 6. of our UK Electric Bike Price Guide.   […]

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

If you’re intending to electrify a favourite bike, an electric bike conversion kit might be the answer for you. Electric bike conversion kits usually include a replacement front wheel fitted with a motorised hub. They are available from a wide range of manufacturers at a wide range of prices, from a few hundred pounds to […]

Electric Bike Legislation (UK)

Note: Our legal pages refer to the UK only. Elsewhere, electric bike law varies widely between countries, and even between individual states in the USA, Canada and Australia. If in doubt, always check local regulations. Electric bicycles are unique machines legislatively, being the only powered vehicles to be treated in exactly the same way as […]

Why choose an electric bike?

Ten good reasons to use an electric bike… Faster Travel In theory a car can average a high speed, but in practise speed often falls below 10mph in cities. The problem is congestion – motorcycles get around this to some extent, but they’re still confined to the road network. An electric bike can maintain a […]

Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycles covers all aspects of this rapidly growing form of transport and leisure riding. Chapters cover history and classic models and flops, types of electric bike and the technology used (including the low-down on batteries), conversion kits, why and how you might want to use electric bikes, bikes from around the world, emerging technologies, […]

Raleigh Dover

So there’s now a British electric bike? Well, yes and no, but mostly no. To explain how and why this has come about, we need to blow some dust off the corporate history books. Raleigh is (or was) a big British bicycle manufacturer that helped to keep the wheels of the British Empire turning for […]

Daum Trekking H

My word, how things have changed. Not that long ago a car generally had four wheels, four seats and an engine, and a bicycle had two wheels, a steel diamond frame and the rider was both passenger and motive force.You knew where you were. These days car manufacturers have bolted on all sorts of extras […]

E-motion 700 Deluxe

The E-motion is made by B H Bikes in Spain, or more accurately Bicicletas de Alava S.A. Now, we’d never heard of B H, which might be because they’ve yet to make much of a mark in the UK, and they specialise in racy machines.We’re talking skin-tight Lycra and shaven legs here. Dead serious. However, […]

Monark Eco

Not long ago,crank-motors looked like an endangered species,but suddenly the Panasonic drive is everywhere,doing rather well against more powerful machines on the race track,yet very much a favourite on city bikes too.It’s that flexibility that makes a crank drive so useful.The last three electric bikes we’ve tried have been crank drives,and all have used the […]

Cytronex Trek FX

Trek electric bikes are usually bought by older people, but we think there’s a huge market amongst relatively long distance, fast commuters – the sort of younger men and women who might have sporting pretensions, but currently drive a hot hatchback to work (and, indeed,the gym) because it’s either too far,too hilly,or generally takes too […]

Kalkhoff Aggatu Wave

Not long ago,when the innovative Giant Lafree was discontinued,we began to wonder if the electric bike had any future,other than as a rollerskate for lazy leisure riders.When Giant replaced the Lafree with a crude hub motor system,it looked as though the wonderful Panasonic power unit was dead,and with it the dream of quality,economical power-assisted machines. […]

Gazelle Easy Glider

Before its untimely withdrawal last year,we considered the Giant Lafree a jolly good electric bike – arguably the best you could buy.The magic ingredient was the Panasonic crank-drive unit,which placed the motor ‘upstream’ of the hub gears,so the motor worked via the gears:Whenever your legs felt the strain,you’d change down a gear,automatically easing the load […]

Ezee Liv

Back in the summer of 2003,a slightly odd-looking electric bike called the Ezee Forza landed on our doorstep. It was reasonably light,and some of the equipment was a bit dubious,but it came with everything a regular cyclist might need,plus a gutsy power-assist system that offered a decent range at an enjoyably nippy pace.The prototype Forza […]

Powacycle LPX Lithium-Polymer Battery

Lithium Polymer, as readers may recall from the chemistry lesson in A to B57 ,is a safer variant of the increasingly common lithium-ion battery. Polymer batteries have been used for a while in mobiles and the like,but big examples are still rare, so we think Powacycle is pretty brave introducing the first Li-pol battery on […]

Sparta Ion M-Gear

In The Netherlands,as any small boy will tell you,there are no hills (or very few),but they do get some nasty headwinds out on the polders.Being a great bicycling nation,it is perhaps no surprise that the Dutch are also big manufacturers of power-assisted bicycles. And as a general rule,they design bikes with Dutch conditions in mind […]

Giant Twist 1.0

When Giant announced that the Lafree Twist (hereafter referred to as the Lafree to avoid confusion) was to be replaced,we were somewhat sceptical. Despite a few quirks, the old bike was light, efficient,and much loved – clearly it would take some beating. The new bike was launched first in The Netherlands and Germany last year,and […]