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Momentum Model T electric bicycle

Jane Henshaw riding the Momentum Model T

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Be cautious of so-called independent reviews! You can trust our independent advice because we don’t sell bikes or accessories, just our magazine A to B, and a few books on transport subjects.
Power-assist bikes and kits have featured strongly in A to B magazine since the mid-1990s, when most of today’s retailers were selling frozen peas, so we do know a bit about it. Back then, electric bikes were very new technology.
We have a huge archive of information, covering price guides for bicycles, tricycles and power-assist kits, plus buyer’s guides and a lot of back ground information. If you’re deciding which electric bicycle to buy, or just looking into the subject, these pages will be useful:

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UK Electric Bike Price Guide (Over £1,300)

UK Electric Trike Price Guide

UK Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Why Choose an Electric Bike?

Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide

Electric Bikes and the Law (UK)

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Electric Bike Motor and Battery Manufacturers Worldwide

Electric Bike Manufacturers Worldwide

Electric Bike Technical Guide

News & Reviews
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