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Bike Trailer Price Guide (UK)

This page aims to list all the bike trailers available in the UK. Prices and specifications relate only to the British market and may change at short notice. Prices of the bicycle trailers are either the recommended retail price or a discounted price if regularly available. Bicycle trailers are very prone to ‘badge engineering’ so some […]

Raleigh Mule Trailer

Weekly shopping usually consists of small mixed items, and if you travel by bike these can usually be packed into a rucksack or panniers. Larger items can be more awkward to transport – I think the largest item I have carried strapped to the top of my pannier carrier was a king-size duvet. It was […]

Bicycle Trailers

Bicycles can carry astonishing loads, but there’s a limit to the amount you can pile on the bicycle itself.That’s where trailers come in. Living without a car, we’d be severely disadvantaged without a bike trailer – they are wonderful things. Alexander usually trailer- bikes to school these days, but in a typical week, our trailer […]

Croozer Cargo

Owning both a Giant Lafree and a Powabyke I’d always felt they would be ideal for pulling quite a sizeable amount of gear about, and that without a trailer, I was not making best use of them.The Croozer Cargo from Zwei plus zwei seemed to promise a lot (lightweight but reasonably strong construction, easy fixing […]

DIY Lafree Trailer

DIY Lafree Trailer

Large capacity cycle goods trailers are generally rather ugly contraptions, particularly if home-constructed, so I thought you might like to see the matching trailer I made for my Giant Lafree.The basis is a 13kg French Vantly cargo trailer bought from discounter Cycle King of Croydon for just £79! The original steel surround was removed, and […]

Bike-Hod Carryall Deluxe

There aren’t many genuine innovations in cycling. Look hard enough and you usually find that a similar machine wowed the audience at the 1897 Cycling Expo, or was widely patented in Uruguay in 1953.The principle behind the Bike-Hod may or may not have popped up before, but it remains more or less in a class […]

Leggero Twist

Child trailers come in all shapes and sizes, but the basic layout doesn’t vary much, with the majority being more or less based on early US examples, such as the Winchester. That means 20-inch wheels, a tubular frame of steel or aluminium, according to price, and a yellow and/or blue fabric cover. The Leggero Twist, […]

Chariot Cougar 1

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t grumble about the lack of bicycle trailer awareness in the UK.The Dutch and Germans love ‘em, or so we’re told. On the Continent (and, to be fair, in some more enlightened pockets here), the School Run no longer means heaving a tonne of Volvo into a queue […]