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Skirt Guards

Skirt guards play an essential role in keeping loose clothing – from dresses and skirts to coats and scarves – out of the rear wheel spokes,so they’re not entirely about women and not entirely about skirts.If you carry a child in a rack-mounted child seat,or an occasional adult on the rack itself,a guard will also […]

Brompton Rear Frame Clip

Whatever your views on the slightly esoteric argument about which is the best folding bike in the world, you can’t deny that Brompton’s engineering expertise is absolutely first class.In this latest upgrade,they’ve performed a loaves and fishes style miracle by adding features without adding any weight. There are two styles:new bicycles are already being made […]

Quinny Zap Carrier

While I was pregnant I began thinking about how I would carry the baby on an outing and what we’d do about a pram when we got there. I wanted to remain active and couldn’t wait till I could get back on a bike again – I’d carried on cycling until two weeks before my […]

Aqua3 Evolution waterproof map

This new map should prove invaluable to outdoor folk. Ordnance Survey Landranger (1:40,000 and Explorer (1:25,000) maps are wonderful things for cycling,walking,and a million other uses,but they’re not waterproof and in extreme cases will fall to bits. The waterproof map is something of a Holy Grail in the mapping world. Various experiments have been tried […]

Dutch Shopping Pannier

This is one of those simple ideas that leaves you wondering why we aren’t all using something similar on a daily basis.It’s a semi-rigid pannier that fits a standard bicycle rack,but instead of buckles and belts,it simply hooks over the frame,hanging much like a conventional pannier by gravity alone. You might expect it to jump […]

Brompton Spanninga Rear Lights

The company has now upgraded to a new LED rear light from Spanninga. Like the Basta,it’s available in dynamo-powered or battery versions.On a slightly unscientific comparison (go all the way down the garden and wave both lights at darkened house),we get the impression that the new lights are slightly brighter. The battery version is certainly […]

Reelight SL100

This is one of those neat ideas that’s been tried before, but somehow the technology was never quite up to the job.This time, with a few caveats, it works rather well. So, how do lights function without any power? Energy has to come from somewhere, of course, and as so often in cycling, the engine […]

Brompton Back-Pack

From my very first days of owning a Brompton I scoured the catalogues looking for desirable accessories that could turn a promising piece of ironmongery into a really useful piece of equipment. Eazy-wheels gave shopping tro l l ey roll-ability, while the B-Bag seemed to offer a defence against baggage handlers, but where was the […]

Brompton Luggage Post

Good ideas arrive on our doorstep almost every day. For all sorts of reasons, some are not quite as good as they first appear. Maybe too heavy, too fiddly, or not unusually, a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. But you can generally rely on Steve Parry of SP Bicycles to come up with […]

Bobike Junior Child Seat

Most of our friends were agreed on one thing when Alexander arrived – we might previously have lived a car-free lifestyle as rootless ‘dinkies’, but all that was going to change. Sage nods all round. First there would be nursery, followed by playschool (both made worse when we exercised our parental prerogative and chose out-of-town […]

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres

Puncture proof? Well, not exactly. As Schwalbe carefully points out, ‘…like everything in the world – this tyre isn’t indestructible. But against the typical tyre killers that everyday cyclists encounter, like pieces of broken glass, flints and small thorns, it’s the best protection we could devise…’ The secret is in the ‘SmartGuard’ layer under the […]

Brompton Hub Brake

These days (touch wood) the best folding bikes are pretty reliable, clocking up a similar mileage between failures to a conventional bicycle, but wheel rims and spokes can still cause problems on hard-used small-wheelers.We’re not sure why the spokes suffer, but most of the problems with rims are caused by the brakes. A 16-inch rim […]

Ergon MR-1 Race Grips

The problem with adapting bicycles is that almost everything you do adds weight. A few seemingly practical extras can make a folding bike almost unliftable, so it pays to be a bit selective. Replace your old handlebar grips with Ergo Race grips, and the penalty will be in the region of 200g. Not much? Not […]


There’s a real demand for carrying children on the Brompton, something we can vouch for from personal experience. It’s also probably the most common question we get asked. Integrating the bike itself with rail or bus is straightforward, but children make life much more complicated.Trailers are great, but even the most compact takes up more […]

Bigfoot Brompton Bag

We’re not actually that keen on bags since the railway companies got folder-friendly, but they have their uses.Yachtsfolk need to protect their bikes from salt spray and flying bowsprites, whatever they might be, and the same principle applies to those regularly checking a bike in as anonymous luggage, whether at the airport, the restaurant or […]

Xerama Folding Pedals

If you read the Oyama Victor test in A to B 44 you may have noticed our brief mention of the Xerama folding pedals (‘similar to, but neater than the better- known VP117’).We rarely have space to say much about accessories in these bike tests, but we were quite impressed with the Xerama. Once upon […]

Solidlights 1103

  Goodness gracious.There we were, getting used to the idea of bicycle lights with three ultra-bright white LEDs, when a single much brighter LED came along (see A to B 43). A few weeks later, and that light has already been overtaken by events, because power has trebled once again.Yes, the future has arrived, and […]

Brompton ‘B’ Bag

If you regularly fly with a folding bike, you will know all about baggage handlers, the meticulously trained gorillas employed by airlines to heave your precious possessions from tarmac to hold and vice versa. With a full-size bike, air-carriage may be expensive and time- consuming, but you can at least be confident that something so […]

Cateye EL500 Headlight

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, have been around for years.We don’t need to worry too much about how they work except that in place of the old-fashioned white-hot bulb filament, there’s a gap where electrons, er, sort of vault across, giving off light in the process. No filament to burn out or vibrate to bits […]

S&S Couplings

Living without a car brings its own joys, but add a tandem to the equation and life gets more complicated. Given the attitude of most train operating companies to tandem carriage, long distance rides are tricky indeed. My wife Anna and I planned an epic from Portland Bill in Dorset to John O’ Groats in […]