A to B 47 – Brompton Launches New Bikes!

A to B 47 cover We’re a little late this time, but we know you will forgive us. Brompton has introduced a whole range of new bikes and by waiting a week or two, we’ve been able to bring you exclusive tests of the lightweight S2L-X and fully-equipped P6R-XDL, plus reviews of the all-new Mezzo i4 and the not-quite-so-new Hase Pino recumbent. With all this excitement, we’ve had to cut just about everything else, so there’s plenty to look forward to in issue 48, including puncture-proof tyres, drum brakes and all the usual tests.

We were hoping to make some sort of comment on the forthcoming election, but with the political parties becoming more and more similar, and less and less palatable, we thought better of it. None of the mainstream parties plans to do anything sensible about transport. Nothing new there then…

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