A to B 43

A to B 43 CoverSince May, our old web address a2b@onetel.net.uk has remained in use on our web site, but only accepting mail with the word MAGAZINE printed in the body, effectively screening out all automated mail. Our primary email address, for magazine subscribers only, changed to atob@onetel.net.uk and this remained unrestricted.

Onetel is now making its own anti-viral arrangements, necessitating a change to @onetel.com, so we’re changing again: a2b@onetel.com for casual web enquiries and atob@onetel.com for you lucky lot. Please wipe out all other addresses and use this one in future, because after 1st September the old addresses will cease to exist. No code words needed. Dead simple, eh?

Enough tedium – we thought it would be interesting to reveal which of our test bikes we’d most like to keep each month.This time, it just has to be the Helios SL. See what you think.

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