A to B 42

atob-42-coverA slightly unusual issue this time because we’re overwhelmed with bikes.This has meant squeezing out The Mole (no doubt back on full form for the next issue) and much else has been cropped to make room, but with so much fascinating hardware around, we guessed you’d rather we cut the waffle and made space available.

We continue to live through momentous times. Oil prices have peaked in recent weeks, on the mere suggestion that supplies from Saudi Arabia might be disrupted. And here in the UK, the hint of a few pence on a gallon has brought the threat of another road blockade. Meanwhile, we’ve been branded the fattest, or perhaps it’s the fastest-growing fat nation in Europe (maybe on earth), as we continue to exercise less and drive more…Where will it all end? Whatever’s coming, it’s just as well to be prepared, and that’s what A to B is all about.

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