A to B 37

A to B 37Not much about bicycles in this issue, but plenty of transport, including supersonic planes, solar power, a brace of electric bikes, child trailers, a recumbent trike, ferries, open-top buses and trains.Yes, it’s true – the Royal Mail will in future be carried by road (although most experts agree it will cost more in the long run). And you can wave a cheque-book at a British railway company all day, but it won’t sell you a ticket to Amsterdam (hardly rocket-science, is it?). Oh, and the railway network now costs four times as much as it did in BR days (yes, in real terms)? It could be worse, but it’s sometimes difficult to see how…

Technical things do pop up in A to B from time to time, and we’ve had a few reminders that the technical bits can be hard to understand. Please don’t give up – there’s a full explanation of G- meters and electrical terminology on our web site. Enter any of the ‘Electric Bike’ pages and click on ‘Technical Things Explained’ at the bottom of the page.

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