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A to B 49 – Technology Special!

Cutting edge stuff! Whatever your preference in alternative transport, this issue will show you something entirely new. Folding bike? Follow our lightweight Brompton project – 10.9kg in 1997 and 9.5kg today. Electric bike? We can offer a range of 35 miles from a Lithium-ion battery… Gears? Professor Pivot investigates a practical fully automatic gearbox… Recumbents? […]

A to B 48 – Safer Public Transport!

Riding a bicycle is getting easier and more reliable.With puncture-resistant tyres (page 24), drum brakes (page 22), a cargo trailer (page 32), and power-assist (page 27), almost anyone could transfer their family shopping from car to bike.Yet the number doing it in the UK can be counted in thousands (maybe hundreds) rather than millions. Why? […]

A to B 47 – Brompton Launches New Bikes!

We’re a little late this time, but we know you will forgive us. Brompton has introduced a whole range of new bikes and by waiting a week or two, we’ve been able to bring you exclusive tests of the lightweight S2L-X and fully-equipped P6R-XDL, plus reviews of the all-new Mezzo i4 and the not-quite-so-new Hase […]

A to B 46 – Rail Special!

We live in interesting times. As bits of Antarctica drop off, and global meltdown accelerates goodness knows where, it’s business as usual in the UK – more and bigger cars doing more miles, renewed talk of a railway closure programme, and low-impact cycling right off the political agenda. Meanwhile, the chairman of Shell is riding […]

A to B 45 – Viva Las Vagas!

For months now we’ve been terribly short of space, but at last we’ve progressed our master plan to add extra pages – four this time, but there may be more in 2005. More space means more expense, but we’re hoping to keep the cover price unchanged for the time being, and we’re grateful to our […]

A to B 44 – Oddly enough… We’re still laughing!

Anyone renewing their subscription last month should have spotted our survey questions (yes, thanks to all those who pointed out that questions 5 and 7 were exactly the same). Democratic as ever, we’ve published the results on our website in a new page called Feedback, dedicated to your views. Just for the record, folding bike […]

A to B 43

Since May, our old web address a2b@onetel.net.uk has remained in use on our web site, but only accepting mail with the word MAGAZINE printed in the body, effectively screening out all automated mail. Our primary email address, for magazine subscribers only, changed to atob@onetel.net.uk and this remained unrestricted. Onetel is now making its own anti-viral […]

A to B 42

A slightly unusual issue this time because we’re overwhelmed with bikes.This has meant squeezing out The Mole (no doubt back on full form for the next issue) and much else has been cropped to make room, but with so much fascinating hardware around, we guessed you’d rather we cut the waffle and made space available. […]

A to B 41 – Night Mail 2004

Tale of our times: Like many, we were finding the burden of unsolicited emails a bit tiresome and decided to reopen our long disused email address box at atob@onetel.net.uk in place of a2b@onetel.net.uk, because it seemed a more logical address anyway. What we didn’t know is that many of you have been communicating with atob@ […]

A to B 40 – Sturmey Archer 8-speed hub

A few price adjustments for overseas subscribers. In the current jargon, this might be described as enhanced customer choice, but all it really means is a price increase. Due to unreliable delivery and increased costs, we’re no longer sending magazines by surface mail. However, economies of scale have enabled us to reduce the airmail rate […]

A to B 39 – School Run – Dare to be Different!

Our advocacy of electric bikes continues to cause controversy. Some readers have made the point that they never see electric bikes on the road, so why bother testing them? Had ‘A to B’ been around in 1903, we would certainly be trying the new steam and petroleum-powered automobiles. They’d be slow, unreliable and offer a […]

A to B 38 – Ten Years On…

Yes, ten years and 61 editions ago, we started publishing the diminutive ‘Folder’ magazine that evolved into A to B. Thanks to all those individuals who’ve helped in various ways over the years (if only by subscribing), and to the companies that have backed us from Day One – shops such as Avon Valley, Cyclecare, […]

A to B 37

Not much about bicycles in this issue, but plenty of transport, including supersonic planes, solar power, a brace of electric bikes, child trailers, a recumbent trike, ferries, open-top buses and trains.Yes, it’s true – the Royal Mail will in future be carried by road (although most experts agree it will cost more in the long […]

A to B 36 – United States Special!

Ah, technology. Our web site has been down for two weeks out of the last eight, because our ISP has made multiple detags of our address… whatever that means. If you’ve had problems with the site, it’s worth trying one of our satellites: www.a2bmagazine.care4free.net or www.electricbikes.care4free.net These alternatives are even less reliable, and tend to […]

A to B 35 – Cool trailers!

If you’re lucky enough to own any of the later Folder magazines or early A to Bs, we hope you’ll agree that they really were rather good. In those far-off days – before the two-monthly A to B cycle became a bit of a production line – we spent a lot more time over the […]

A to B 34

We live in momentous times. Not just because the world stands on the brink of what may yet deteriorate into a third global conflict, but – ironically – because the UK transport scene has lurched towards oil-centricity. New rail services, both freight and passenger, have been abandoned, current services are being scaled back, and the […]

A to B 33 – Aardman Goes Electric!

A big welcome to hundreds of new subscribers this month, and particularly to our 2,000th victim. If you’re new to A to B, our speciality is transport, primarily pedal power and pedal/electric power. Not leisure cycling, but real A to B stuff. Our aim, if you haven’t already guessed, is to tackle the frightening trends […]

A to B 32

Problems with space as usual, so we’ve expanded onto the internet. Don’t worry if you aren’t connected to the confounded thing – the magazine will continue on paper just as before, but we’re hoping to use the net to publish travel articles and items of general interest that would otherwise remain on file. E-publishing is […]

A to B 31 – Reclaim the Lanes!

Issue 30 featured only one road test.This time we have a queue of seven bikes that would take over a year to despatch at the rate of one per issue.We’ve decided to cut a number of regular features and hold some tests over until next time.The result, we hope, is something for everyone, and – […]