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I am the writer and editor of A to B magazine and Miniature Railway. I have authored and co-authored a book or two on railways and cars, but have specialised in folding bikes since 1993, and electric bikes since 1999. My book on the Brompton was published in early 2010. I've done some journalism for other magazines, plus cycle map surveying for Cycle-City Guides (including Mayor Ken’s Greater London contract – quite proud of that).

Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide 2015 (UK)

Electric Bike Top 10 *****  Kalkhoff *****  Nano Brompton 2.1 *****  Momentum *****  Cytronex *****  Ezee *****  Heinzmann *****  Sparta *****  Gocycle G2 *****  Giant *****  Woosh & Kudos This list is not exhaustive, covering only the electric bikes we have actually tested in the magazine. Not all electric bikes are listed here, and if […]

Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide 2015 (UK)

Electric Bike Price Guide (UK)

We prefer to road-test electric bikes for the magazine before recommending them, but with so many now available, our recommendations are often based on spec and price, rather than actual experience. Consult our Electric Bikes Buyer’s Guide for reviews of the top five electric bikes. Errors & Omissions: Please contact us if you see any […]

Electric Motorcycle Price Guide (UK)

On this page we aim to list all electric scooters, electric motorcycle, electric mopeds & electric trikes available in the UK. Please remember, the use of any of these electric machines is covered by UK electric scooter licensing laws, and most prices do not include registration costs (c £100). Prices are the latest available on […]

Eco City

Welcome to the lowest powered vehicle you can buy in Britain, this side of an electric bicycle. The Eco City musters just 800 watts, which is less than one of those old one-bar electric fires, let alone e-scooter rivals, most of which offer 1.5-2.0Kw. Performance is so modest that for many cyclists, a pedelec will […]

Peugeot & Zero Leave UK

Peugeot & Zero Leave UK

Two of the biggest names in electric two-wheelers – Peugeot and Zero – have decided not to sell their bikes in Britain. The shock announcement from Zero in October 2013 stated that the UK market for electric motorcycles was ‘lagging behind’ that of other EU countries, and ‘not yet in readiness.’ This comes after Zero […]

European E-Scooter Sales Boom

Sales of electric scooters are booming on mainland Europe, according to ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry Association of Europe. Sales in Britain continue to plunge downwards, with just 9 e-scooters registered in May this year – it’s hardly surprising that the UK’s Peugeot scooter importer has decided not to bring the e-Vivacity to Britain. Our EU […]

The Great Railway Conspiracy – 2013 edition!

A Seminal book on Dr Beeching and his aftermath  Fully rewritten and updated to include details of the latest rail re-openings Clear lessons from the success of reinvigorated and reopened branch lines Top 30 Potential Rail Reopenings identified, listed and analysed Central message – Britain’s railways are thriving as never before, despite 50 years of […]

UK Bike/Rail Restrictions

This page lists UK bike restrictions on rail and preserved rail. Folding bikes travel free and without restriction on all train services unless stated. See Bike/Rail Travel Guide. If you have any official or unofficial information on cycle carriage, please share it with us by e-mail. Bikes can once again be booked on line, visit East […]

Momentum Model T and Upstart

Momentum Model T and Upstart

If we were going to specify a Chinese bike ourselves, we’d go for a light responsive frame with a reason- able size battery mounted low down in the middle of it, a light, efficient motor in the front wheel, a two- or three-speed hub in the back wheel, and very little else. A few months […]

Rieju Mius on sale in UK

Spanish manufacturer Rieju is the latest to join the ranks of electric scooter makers. The new Mius is made in Spain, not imported, with Spanish running gear, Portuguese bodywork, German motor and Japanese battery. Hence the price of £3199. Rieju was moved to design and build the Muis after the Mayor of Barcelona announced that […]

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Nissan Leaf

Full marks to Nissan. Not for producing the Leaf, good though it may be, but for actually providing one for test – the first ‘plug-in’ electric car we’ve been let loose with. There’s a good reason for this long-standing reluctance of manufacturers to let journalists do their worst with electric cars: battery range.When electric cars […]

Folding Bike Price Guide (UK)

This page aims to list all non-electric folding bikes readily available from manufacturers, importers or dealers having a UK website which clearly states their UK address. The notes at the bottom of the page give information about the content and coverage of the information below. Please contact us with any errors / omissions / suggestions […]

Folding Bike Buyer’s Guide (UK)

This page ranks folding bikes available in the UK based on our reviews in A to B magazine, and each folding bike is judged by a star system. This can only provide a rough guide, particularly where one rating covers a range of different bikes. You’ll find the best folding bikes at the top of […]

Brompton Bicycle Book

The first edition was hugely popular with the legions of Brompton fans. The review below refers to the first edition, the second edition contains an extra 32 pages, with a whole new chapter on where Brompton may be heading in the future plus new coverage of early folding bikes in the U.S., more detail on […]

KTM Freeride E Arrives Summer 2012

KTM’s Freeride E – the first electric motorcycle launch by an established manufacturer – is a step closer to going on sale. Five hundred pre-production bikes will be built in July or August 2012, with full production following towards the end of the year. KTM is renowned for its off-road bikes, and the Freeride is […]

First ever electric motorcycle?

Was the Socovel of 1930s the world’s first electric motorcycle? Probably not, but it was referred to (in faintly dismissive terms) by ‘Nitor’ the pseudonymed columnist of The Motor Cycle in December 1959. Built in Belgium, the Socovel consisted of a conventional lightweight frame, with three 12-volt batteries (presumably lead-acid) mounted crossways. A 48-volt motor, […]

UK Bike/Rail Travel Guide

This page covers UK bike restrictions on trains, preserved rail, rail-link ferries & buses. Can you insist on travelling with your bike on the train? No. Bicycles are banned on some specific services, but according to the ‘National Conditions of Carriage’ by which all train operating companies are bound, the operator can also refuse an item […]

UK Bike/Coach & Tram Restrictions

Listed below are UK bike restrictions on UK coach & tram services. Folding bikes travel free and without restriction on all coach, & tram services unless stated. If you have any official or unofficial information on cycle carriage, please share it with us by e-mail. We are grateful to local authorities, individual cycle users and […]

UK Bike/Ferry Restrictions

Listed below are UK bike restrictions on UK ferry services. Folding bikes travel free and without restriction on all ferry services, although you may have to cover the bike and carry it on, which could mean carrying the bike for some distance. See Bike/Rail Travel Guide. If you have any official or unofficial information on […]