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DIY Traffic Calming

Once upon a time, not so very long ago,if you lived beside a British trunk road your life would be a nightmare of congestion, pollution and constant danger. As the years passed, the nightmare spread; first to ‘A’ class roads, then ‘B’ roads (remember when you could cycle on those sweeping rural highways?), and finally […]

Tax-Free ‘Green’ Transport

Here at A to B we can be a bit sceptical about government schemes to boost cycling. Don’t forget, this is the same bunch that imposed on- the-spot fines on elderly ladies riding sedately on the pavement, but wouldn’t fund the cycle facilities to keep riders safe; that built more and bigger roads, when they […]

Reopening Railway Lines

Very often Anarchist’s Corner tells a tragic and unresolved tale, but these examples are rather different.They’re two of the most important transport good causes around, and you really can do something to help. Even if you never travel by train, and don’t live in these areas, don’t forget that they are net generators of road […]

Mail by Rail – common sense surely?

Mail by Rail – common sense surely?

So what? According to the Government, the Royal Mail’s choice of transport mode is a purely commercial decision, and moving from rail to road will save tens of millions of pounds a year.We think this is nonsense for a number of reasons: 1) The Royal Mail is not a private company, but a government-owned plc. […]

PowerShift grants – available for cars, but not bikes

PowerShift grants – available for cars, but not bikes

    DfT Grant AvailableJeep Grand Cherokee LPG Urban Fuel Consumption (petrol equivalent) 16 miles per gallon 17.8 litres per 100 kilometres DfT Grant NOT AVAILABLE!Giant Lafree* Urban Fuel Consumption (petrol equivalent) 1,450 miles per gallon 0.196 litres per 100 kilometres Ever heard of PowerShift? For some reason, the authorities like to keep it a […]

Legal ways to cut rail fares (revisited)

With such a breadth of subjects to cover, we do try to avoid going over old ground, but this one really was too good to ignore. Back in A to B 19 (August 2000), we outlined how to save money on rail fares by using ‘split tickets’.The theory is quite simple and perfectly legal – […]