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brompton-bicycle-atob-booksBrompton Bicycle book
David Henshaw

This revised second edition brings the story up to early 2017, with up-to-the-minute information on Brompton’s explosive global growth, and new machines like the electric bike.

‘Iconic’ is an overused and clichéd term, but it certainly applies to the Brompton, and ‘Brompton Bicycle’ by David Henshaw is the definitive companion volume. Whether or not you own one of these folding bikes, you will find this an interesting and inspiring read. Where is this British company heading? Henshaw makes some interesting observations in the latest edition. Full review here
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£11.95 plus postage


atob-books-great-railway-conspiracyThe Great Railway Conspiracy book
David Henshaw
First published in 1993, and reprinted in 1995, this 2013 edition is completely revised and updated
‘The Great Railway Conspiracy’ tells the story of the ‘Beeching’ era, looking in some detail at the political chicanery that led to the closure of a third of Britain’s rail network. Many people are surprised to hear that more damage was done to the railways after Dr Beeching’s departure as chairman, with many of the big closures being the responsibility of the following Labour government. It was not until the oil crises of the early 1970s that the process was brought to a close.
Books purchased from our web site are signed by the author
£14.99 plus postage


atob-books-bicycle-dvdBicycle – A Great British Movement DVD
More about cycle racing and competition than our usual fare, but a fascinating DVD that explains how and why cycling is back in fashion in the UK
Duration: 86 minutes
PAL Format – generally applies to Europe, but will work on most computer drives worldwide
£12.50 plus £1.99 postage

bicycle-to-superbikeFrom Bicycle to Superbike book
Tony Hadland & Mike Burrows
Just published in late 2016
Bicycle to Superbike – although not billed as such – is effectively Mike Burrow’s autobiography. Written in co-operation with cycling author Tony Hadland, it tells the Burrows story, and more importantly, the development story of each of his bikes… the many successes, and not forgetting the odd failure from which lessons were learnt.
£25 plus postage


history-of-brompton-dvdThe History of Brompton DVD
British Local Histories
First produced 2010
The story of Brompton… a story of eccentricity, passion and true British grit. Watch this documentary, and you’ll never again regard the Brompton as just a quirky little bike, but a symbol of how extraordinary success can be achieved through adversity
Duration: 71 minutes
PAL Format – generally applies to Europe, but will work on most computer drives worldwide

£17.50 plus postage

atob-magazineSPECIAL OFFER! A to B magazine digital back-number set
A to B has been published since 1997 and now runs to well over 100 issues. Not all have been digitised, but we’re gradually working backwards, and we now have a digital archive of 36 issues. In theory we can send these over the internet, but our server isn’t up to packages of almost 200Mb, so we’re supplying them on a memory stick. Not a very exciting inducement, but you get to keep it! The price – including postage worldwide – is a modest £25.20, or 70p per issue, a 30% discount on the digital price.

36 Digital Issues

gaint-lafree-panasonic-motor-drive-sprocketGiant Lafree Motor Drive Sprocket

Much stronger than Giant’s own Lafree sprocket, which is no longer available, our replacement sprockets are made in England by Talon Engineering. The drive sprocket is crafted from precision CNC-machined EN36B steel and we’ve never had a customer come back for a replacement, so it looks as though they will last as long as your bike.

CAUTION: Our sprocket only fits the early Giant Lafree made up to 2006, and other bikes using older Panasonic gearboxes. It is not the same as the later sprocket types. Please do not buy ours in error!


Electric Bicycles book
First Published 2010
Half Price £6.50, plus £1.99 postage


brompton-bicycle-book-first-editionBrompton Bicycle book
Published 2009
Small number of the first edition still available. The story is much the same as in the latest edition, but there are no post-2009 updates!
Half Price £5.99, plus £1.99 postage